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 Quality, Strength, and Affordability: 

Sheds, Barns, Pergolas and Decks!  

Shed Sizes and Prices

THE DOWN PAYMENT is the first and last months' payments.

I have included the payment plans for our FLEXLEASE PLAN.  

FLEXLEASE has an Early Payment Option which means you can call them up at any time and ask for the Payoff!

How Cool Is That?!

ADD:  windows, ramps, shelves, lofts or house doors for an added cost

If you come by to our location, please enter our office.  We are a family owned business and do as much as we do with limited employees so we can keep our amazing prices.

(Taxes are Calculated when purchase is Made according to Current Tax % for Cash Deal Prices)

IMPORTANT NOTE:  We do not provide the blocks for the sheds.  The blocks are the sole responsibility of our customers.  We do not sit the shed on the ground.  We place 16" timbers and two 4"x4" beams  underneath the floor. 

If the customer decides to switch the timbers for solid block, we must be notified before the building is built.  

The customer must have the blocks readily available.  

If we have to return for any reason that is not a fault of our own, we will charge a return fee to go again.

ALSO VERY IMPORTANT:  We do not relocate sheds once they are built.  We need at least 4 feet all the way around the shed for scaffolds and construction purposes.

Affordable Barns in the RGV, Donna, TX

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