JP Rodriguez Barns

Quality, Strength and Affordability on Wooden Sheds, Barns, Carports, Patio Covers, Pergolas and Decks!

Quality, Strength, and Affordability on Storages 

Built on Site

When space is limited, we build on site.  Depending on the shed size, we may take half a day, a whole day, or two days to build it.  (for  larger sheds more days may be required)  

Free Delivery Valley-Wide

Delivery as a Whole

Whenever there is sufficient space to deliver as a whole we will do so. 

Add-On to your shed!  Just what you've wanted!

Windows and Shelves

We offer window, shelves, lofts, ramp or porch installation for additional cost.  

IMPORTANT NOTE:  We do not provide the blocks for the sheds.  The blocks are the sole responsibility of our customers.  

We do not sit the shed on the ground.  We place 16" timbers and the 4"x4" beams  underneath the floor. 

If the customer decides to switch the timbers for solid block, we must be notified before the building is built.  

The customer must have the blocks readily available.  

If we have to return for any reason that is not a fault of our own, we will charge a return fee to go again.

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